Cluttering it up

Not everything in our recent Ikea order was for the new kitchen. As long as we were having stuff delivered, we decided to add two bookcases that go with the rest of our living room furniture to the order. We chose to place the bookcases on either end of the console table to create the look of an actual entertainment center.


And after:

Admittedly, I’m already missing the open, empty feeling the room used to have. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve wanted the room to look more finished but I guess I just got used to nothing on that wall for a long time. And my previous apartments were always sparse too. The bookcases also make it feel like we have more clutter in the room, but that’s just because we had practically nothing in there before. Or maybe it’s just because brown feels like the dominant color in here now. I know I’ll get used to the bookcases with time though. Especially since I’m pleased with anything that gives me a place to put all my books!

As far as arranging the shelves, I refrained from simply dumping all the books I own onto the shelves and tried to keep things a little more even and spaced out, choosing just a handful of books for now. I also scrounged around for any knick knacks or other interesting items we had that could be useful. 

I’m not completely in love with the way everything on the shelves looks at this point, but figuring out what to put up there and in what arrangement will definitely be an ongoing project. Which is nice because it gives us an easy way to somewhat change the look of the room from time to time.

After reviewing these pictures I’m starting to think my only talent is placing small ceramic decorations on small piles of books. Maybe I’ve found my new calling in life. Let’s hope there’s a big demand somewhere for this niche talent!


7 thoughts on “Cluttering it up

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with arranging the bookcases in our living room. The hate mainly comes from all of our entertainment system components being housed in them so, I am jealous of your bookshelf only bookshelves!

  2. The shelves look great and remember if you want to change the contents or rearrange them you can. Not like it is something screwed to the wall. You will eventually get it to where you like the way it looks. Remember the black shelf in the old apartment? You can always use it for your books just paint it white.( IKEA white)

  3. I love the decor and adore the color of your walls! What a nice shade of blue! Maybe you could balance the knick-knacks with the books by alternating a shelf full of books with a shelf with knick-knacks and only a few books … Experiment and I’m sure you’ll find something you really like!

  4. Mike cannot stop mentioning these shelves. He keeps saying we’re going to drive the 4 1/2 hours to IKEA and buy the exact same tv stand and shelves because he likes it all so much. true story.

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