Goodbye Kitchen

Well, there’s no turning back now. The kitchen process has begun for real now, and as of a few days ago we no longer have a working kitchen. So far it hasn’t been as bad as we thought it would be, but talk to me in a few weeks and see how I feel about it.

The other night I left to run some errands and Matt’s brother came over to help rip out our cabinets. For a refresher, here’s what the kitchen looked like before:

Before the demolition began, Matt and I took the first step and emptied out all the cupboards and shelves and set up a makeshift kitchen in our dining room/front room (I still don’t know what to call that space).

Look, an action shot!

Here’s a shot of part of our makeshit kitchen. We set up a long folding table against one empty wall and we’re also using the kitchen table since we never actually eat at that table anyway.

We ended up setting up this table almost like a buffet of sorts. All of our smaller appliances are on the table and we use it mostly in the mornings so far. (We’ve already taken advantage of not having a kitchen and gotten fast food for dinner.) We’ve made it so all the utensils and paper plates and whatnot are all set up like a buffet. So I think for the duration of these renovations I’m just going to pretend like this is a nice continental breakfast buffet or something. Except we’re not on vacation, there’s no one to clean up after the mess I make, and still there are never enough bagels.

But anyway, the cupboards came down:

And the shelves:

Soon followed by the sink:

So this is the state of our kitchen right now. Like I said, we’re trying to stay positive about it though. So far it really hasn’t been a terrible inconvenience and has only resulted in one somewhat moody argument between Matt and I. Let’s cross our fingers that we keep this positivity throughout the next few weeks!


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