Prepare to be floored

I’d like to start this post by apologizing for the title.

Anwyay, when I last left off we had one less kitchen than usual.

And now…?!

Well, same situation.
Come on, that would have been crazy quick.

So, when we actually last left off, the shelves, cupboards and sink had been ripped out of the kitchen. But don’t you worry, there was still some more to come out. And in addition to that, Matt and his uncle (who we would be completely lost without) have been working on the plumbing and electrical all week. (The electrical in this house apparently makes no sense at all.)

Back to demolition though. The next thing to come out was the flooring. Previously the kitchen had laminate flooring, which you can somewhat see here:

The old flooring wasn’t terrible, but it did sit higher than the flooring in the living room that it ran up against, creating a nice little spot to constantly trip and stub your toes on. So ripping out the kitchen was a good excuse to rip out the floor and install a new one that would be even with the rest of the floors in the house.

And what we did we find under that laminate flooring?

Lovely blue and white linoleum…

…which didn’t hang around for too long.

And pretty soon it was just down to the subfloor.

Luckily the mess from demolition is pretty easy to avoid. The kitchen leads out to the screen room, which we don’t use in the winter time. But the mess has made its way into other parts of the house now.

There is now a stove sitting in the middle of our living room.

And look, we also have our own Dexter kill room!

Now that the old kitchen is behind us, we’re excited to begin planning the new kitchen and start seeing it come together. Right now we’re deciding on what the new flooring will be, and we’re leaning toward white bamboo. For some reason I just really want to do something different than tile in there, and as far as color goes we both just really liked the idea of a white floor.

I also like the idea of a dark wood or bamboo floor, but because the space is so small and the rest of our house is light colors, I’m leaning more toward a white floor. (Not sure how the white will look up against the hardwood floor, but we’re crossing our fingers.) I’m also hoping the flooring will end up looking a little rustic, which is a look I love and something I would like to incorporate into the house more. Here’s an example of the type of flooring I’m talking about:

Now, I know you may be thinking white floors and white cabinets might be a bit much (and you’d probably roll your eyes if you know I’d also been thinking about white subway tile as a backsplash). But the way I see it is that we’re going to have a wooden countertop and we’re planning on having open shelving, which I would immediately fill with colorful objects, so I think by the time the kitchen all came together it wouldn’t be completely devoid of color. And if you read the previous post about the bookshelves, you know I’m already missing all the light colors and openness we used to have in the living room.

Ok, this post has really just turned into me talking myself into a white kitchen, which I already wanted to begin with. This is the caliber of writing you guys get when I stay up and forego sleep for a blog post.


6 thoughts on “Prepare to be floored

  1. I’d also like to add that ripping up the plywood floor under the blue and white was more work than you gave Kevin and I credit for. That was the hardest part of the whole dang thing!

  2. It is amazing the knowledge and hard work you guys are putting into this house, opps I mean home. Cause you are truly turning this house into your home. You have wonderful taste in decorating too. I am so proud of you guys. (and maybe a bit envious too, lol) Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help in any way.

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