Just dropped in to see what condition our kitchen was in

One of the things we’ve crossed off our kitchen to-do list that has made a huge difference is painting the walls. After the walls were sanded, we primed the walls and let them dry for 24 hours. The next day we painted three of the walls white and one of the walls the same color blue as the living room. The reason we had to paint one of the wall blue is because the way the header in the living room connects to the kitchen wall, there’s mo logical place to stop the blue color and start another. So instead of trying to figure something out, we were perfectly fine painting one wall blue and calling it an accent wall. We love that color anyway.

But we are very excited to see the other walls nice and bright white and clean. If you recall the kitchen used to be a dark hunter green, and the white walls and white cabinets are going to be a nice change of pace when the kitchen comes together.

Oh, and Matt also did what has to be his least favorite activity of all time – painting the ceiling.

And somewhere in the middle of all the painting I was apparently feeling goofy:

We’ve also started construction on the kitchen cabinets and it is definitely exciting to see them start to come together. We’re assembling the upper cabinets first since those will be installed first. We also called in some reinforcements for cabinet assembly and it seems to have made the job a little more enjoyable.

Maybe too enjoyable…

The Ikea cabinets came together like any other piece of Ikea furniture.

Step 1: Unpack the piece of furniture with a wealth of confidence.
Step 2: Locate the directions and start to feel your confidence wane.
Step 3: Position all the pieces exactly as they are laid out in the directions and try to figure out which holes you’re supposed to be putting dowels and where you’re supposed to be attaching hardware. (You are encouraged to flip the pieces and the directions around several times during this step while trying to figure out what to do.)
Step 4: Curse the Swedes.
Step 5: Finally figure out the directions and how to assemble the furniture and proceed to do so in about 2.76 minutes.
Step 6: Fly through the rest of the pieces wondering why you were ever so confused by this intuitive furniture. At this point you may also feel confident that you will never again have trouble putting together another piece of Ikea furniture.

After we were finished with the 6 Ikea steps, our basement looked something like this:

Over the weekend Matt, his Uncle Boob (which by the way is actual nickname and not an unfortunate typo like some of you thought after our last post) and his dad also spent time finishing up the work on the outlets and installing the face plates. They also screwed down the subfloor to help eliminate squeaking and then nailed down the luon flooring to help level the floor and provide a surface for the Pergo flooring to later be installed on.

Having the luon flooring installed and covering up the subfloor has already made a huge improvement in the room.

But perhaps one of the most exciting events of the weekend was the beginning of the installation of the cabinets! We have cabinets on the walls people!

The first step to installing the cabinets was to screw the J-track to the wall.

Once the J-track is installed all you have to do is lift the assembled cabinet up to the track and bolt it on. (These explanations were given to me by Matt and while they sound fairly easy, I’m certain it was more work than he’s giving himself – and his uncle and dad – credit for.)

So those cabinets went up on Saturday, and then today Matt’s uncle took a well-deserved break, giving Matt and I the day to ourselves. Buuuut, we still spent the time working on the kitchen. In true Central New York fashion Saturday was cold and windy, and today was bright and sunny and even warm. It was at least nice to keep the windows and doors open while we worked and get some fresh air into the house.

When we moved into the house the light fixture in the kitchen looked as if it had been in there since the day the house was built, and for me it was love at first sight. But the light fixture had definitely seen better days. While it had a great vintage look, it looked like it was on its way out. But Matt spent a little time and used a little elbow grease and got the fixture looking like new! We both love the idea of keeping an original piece in the house. Matt keeps calling it an “homage to the house.” I just think it looks cool. Either way, we’re both happy.

Don’t worry, this is not the entire fixture. I just neglected to take a better picture of it. We’ll save some things for the kitchen reveal though. 😉 While Matt was doing that, and some other little things around the house, I touched up some of the painting in the kitchen.

Someone else also enjoyed the nice weather today. Since Cormac has recently completed his training and we have an electric fence installed in the backyard, we’re looking forward to just leaving the back door open and letting him go in and out as he pleases. So today while we worked inside, he worked on his yoga skills outside. This is probably the best downward facing dog pose I’ve ever seen:

But apparently it’s also very tiring:

And just to round out this post, a few bonus pictures of things I will definitely not miss when this is all over. Since work on the floor began yesterday the refrigerator also had to be moved into the living room. At least it was reunited with the stove.

And while it may be obvious, in case you were wondering how we were doing any dishes without a kitchen sink:

Bathtub dishes. The worst.

But I guess I really can’t complain, especially now since it’s getting easier and easier to actually see the kitchen coming together! What do you guys think? Should we start taking bets on how soon this will all be finished?

P.S. Bonus points for anyone who understands where the title for this post came from!


8 thoughts on “Just dropped in to see what condition our kitchen was in

  1. Kristen, it looks like things are really rolling! The title is from The Big Lebowski. If you’re accepting guesses at completion dates, I’ll say April 7…a little Easter present!

  2. You guys are amazing, it all looks like it is coming along so well. And in spite of not having a normal kitchen and using the bathtub for a sink, you guys are still doing good together and have not bit each others heads off. That may be the bigger accomplishment here. Great job, I love you guys, (and Cormac too)
    Oh yea, the title comes from the song “I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in” by the First Edition. That’s back in my days ,oh yeah!
    Estimated completion of the kitchen–March 24th

  3. Dude! Seeing those cabinets up on the wall even made me giddy! Can’t wait to see it all done. You guys should come over sometime for dinner before you get it all finished and never want to leave your kitchen again.

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