Kitchen sneak peeks

Well, the kitchen is still coming along. We feel like we keep hitting little snags at every step, but there’s no doubt that it’s really coming together now. It’ll be a little longer until it’s completely finished, but when we look back we’ll probably realize how quickly it all got done.

Here’s what it looked like a little earlier this week:

That’s even more cabinets on the walls! And base cabinets! It’s like a real kitchen!


You might almost call that a kitchen!

And now we’ve made even further progress. We’ve got the sink and garbage disposal installed, the dishwasher hooked up, and some of the countertop and flooring installed.

But for now, I’m just going to give you a few shots of some of the pieces. Little sneak peeks of the kitchen coming together 🙂

And why not start with a blurry faucet?


Gotta give a shout out to Linds for giving us our first bottle of wine for the wine rack!


This is the original light fixture I mentioned in a previous post.




And this last picture is a little more than a sneak peek, but it shows my favorite part of the kitchen so far. (And I owe it all to Matt.) It’s the puck lights installed underneath the wall cabinets. It’s something I hadn’t even thought of, but I’m so glad he did. Even though we haven’t started using the kitchen again I still like to turn on just the puck lights at night and see how the kitchen looks. The lights with the butcher block countertop definitely creates a really nice, warm look. The picture below shows it pretty well, but I think it still looks even better in person.

Alright, that’s all for now folks. Keep your fingers crossed for us that the rest goes smoothly!


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