Return of the blog and DIY wall art

First thing first, I’ve already admitted I’m terrible at blogging.

But, let’s try this again! I’d really like to keep this up, but letting it go almost a year without updating is ridiculous.

Things have not changed too drastically around these parts since the blog died off. We haven’t had any major renovations or anything like that, but we’ve done enough that I should have been more vigilant about keeping this thing alive. For some reason, keeping this blog – even though I barely did any work with it in the past – felt too cumbersome. Or too time-consuming, which is really ridiculous when I’m honest with myself. I was just being lazy for the past 6+ months.

Anyway, let’s try this again, and if anyone’s still reading… maybe it’ll be more successful this time.

Speaking of lazy and cumbersome, let’s start out with a project I undertook that I ended up really almost hating halfway through. It felt like it took forever. FOR-EV-ER. (Sandlot, anyone?) Realistically, I was just kind of being lazy about it (seeing the trend here?) and putting it off too much. I don’t even remember how long it took me. More than a month probably. Maybe a few. Whatever.

Anyway, I got the inspiration from Pinterest, of course, so maybe I have to say I got “pinspiration” or “pinspired.”  (Has anyone made a craft or cooked anything in the last year or so that didn’t come from Pinterest?)

(via, found on Pinterest)

I was going to write up this blog post and leave a big ta-da! for the end. Like, “and guess what it’s made out of?!” But, I’m not really sure how to go about the rest of the post without just saying it up front – I made wall art from toilet papers rolls.

The best thing I found about making something out of toilet paper rolls is that it kind of makes it a conversation piece. Whenever someone asks about it or points it out, I immediately make them guess what it’s made out of. The cons of using toilet papers rolls? Pretty much everything else. Collecting used rolls, cutting up rolls, tediously gluing them together, painting them, gluing them again onto a canvas… Basically it’s a good thing I liked the way these turned out, or they would have immediately been used for kindling, simply out of pure rage.

 However, since it turned out successful, here’s a few simple steps toward toilet paper roll wall art, should you wish to increase your blood pressure as well:

Step 1: Start collecting toilet paper rolls. You’re going to need a bunch. To be fair, I didn’t have to do this too much. Once I mentioned I needed to start collecting these little guys, they started coming in from what seemed like every member of Matt’s extended family. And I’m pretty sure everyone thought I had sort of lost it, just collecting old garbage.

Step 2: Cut those suckers up. I neglected to take pictures of this project while in the process, so I’ll do my best to explain. Basically, squish the roll so it’s flat and then cut it into equally sized strips. Those strips will automatically open up into little petal shapes. Repeat this for what feels like an infinite number of times.

Step 3: Glue those suckers together at the points, forming a flower shape. Play around with the number of strips you use and the shapes you can create. I decided to try and get as much variation as possible. I would recommend using a glue gun for this. I used regular glue, and I have no idea why. This probably contributed to a lot of the rage.


Step 4: Paint those suckers. I have no idea what would actually be the easiest way to do this. I used spray paint and was kind of annoyed at the number of coats I needed just to be able to get into all the little nooks and crannies without just soaking the things in paint the first time around. Overall, each flower probably only had a few coats at the most, but it felt like every time I looked at them, I found another spot that had been missed. Although I would wager painting them by hand wouldn’t be too fun either.


Nooks and crannies galore.

Step 5: Glue those suckers to a canvas. This was my own step. I don’t remember if I had seen anything like this beforehand. Most examples I saw online, people had just glued the flowers to each other and then hung them on the wall or just created one giant flower. I had the canvases anyway, so I thought painting them gray and then gluing green, yellow and white flowers on top would help add some contrast against the blue walls in the living room.

Originally, I had bought the canvases with the idea of cutting card stock into petals and creating some kind of flower design that way. 15 minutes into that and I realized there was no way it was going to come out as clean and polished looking as I would want it to.


And I’m thankful I came to my sense early on and ended up with this instead:




Admittedly, they are a little too small for the spaces they are in currently, but it’s better than nothing on the walls. Which is exactly what we had before. So, for now, they’re just fine.

Whew! And with that, we’re back up and running with this whole blogging thing. Is anyone still out there?


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