A facelift for the hardwoods

One of the first things that we noticed when walking through the house was the very, very sad state of the hardwood flooring.  It runs almost all the way through the first floor, covering the living/dining room area, both the bedrooms, and the small hallway.  In the picture below you can see that they had turned this very dark color and taken on this overly waxy and unattended feel.  We were pretty sure that they had probably never been sanded down and refinished or if they had it was a long time ago.

This is the best picture we have from before they were refinished.

Once we had the keys to the house and got some of the demolition work done that would have damaged them more, we called in a professional.  I’m sure that my family and I could have figured out how to sand them down and refinish them but we found someone that had done work for us before and had a great price.  He came in and agreed to do all the work for a price that blew our minds so we couldn’t resist.  He also let us know that the original oak flooring is 50+ years old and is much harder than what you can typically get now.

While we were having the floor done we also wanted to cut back the amount of Pergo flooring coming out of the kitchen into the living room now that the wall was down.  It made it look horribly out of place and was also no longer part of the kitchen.  We tore up the Pergo and evened it out with the new threshold between the kitchen and living and asked the pro to match the wood and fix it up.  He was also able to put in a bridge covering up the unevenness from where the wall came down.  (Check out more about taking the wall down here.)

Here is a picture of the boards he added after removing the Pergo and the bridge.  It’s also a bit easier to see the old crappy floors on the left.

So once he was finished and we stayed out of the house for a few days (good, I needed a break!) this is what we were left with.

Finally, a place of my own to slide around in my socks with the dog chasing after me.


4 thoughts on “A facelift for the hardwoods

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  2. What kind of stain/finish did your floor guy use? This is the exact color I want for my living room and dining room. We got a quote for around $1200 to stand refinish our small living room and dining room blaaah but we live near a major metro area.

    • The contractor used a semi-gloss finish on our floor to try and keep the dog from scratching it up too much. It has done a pretty good job of minimizing the scratches from every day wear and tear as well as the dogs nails. The wood is solid oak that is all original to the house from the 50’s. I’m not sure which stain or brand they actually used if that is what you were looking for as he never really showed it to us.

      We live only 10 minutes from downtown Syracuse, NY which doesn’t really count as a major metro area, but we did end up paying 1300$ total to have all of the floors in the house sanded, refinished, and some boards repaired.

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