Organizing the Hallway Closet

With very little storage space in our house, we know we have to try to make the most of the space we do have. Currently, our house has a whopping total of 3 closets. One is located in the bedroom, which Matt uses for his clothes, and another is located in the office, which I use for my clothes. The only remaining closet in the house is located in our hallway and after we moved in it quickly became a place to dump random objects. Every time we opened the door we knew we would have to conquer and organize it someday.

At the same time, the space underneath the kitchen sink was also a mess. Every time we needed a cleaning product, we were confronted with another area crying out for organization. Luckily there was a lovely little web site called Pinterest that came in and saved the day. As I was browsing pins one day I saw that someone had the idea to use one of those hanging plastic shoe organizers to keep cleaning products in order.

We picked up an affordable, basic shoe organizer and we also decided to get a small shelf we could set up in the closet since we also have to use it as a linen closet. We decided that we we didn’t want to use to metal door hooks that came with the organizer because the last thing we wanted was a heavy shoe rack full of cleaning bottles swinging around every time we opened the door. And since the inside of the closet isn’t the prettiest space, we had no qualms about nailing directly into the wall and hanging the shoe rack on the inside of the closet.


With the shoe rack up and the shelves set up as well, the closet was like a brand new space. We now had space for all our cleaning products, space for our bathroom towels, space for the broom, mop and vacuum cleaner and more. We know using the closet for so many purposes isn’t ideal, but it’s much easier to do when maximize the effectiveness of the space we have.


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