Tear down this wall!

Matt here with my second official contribution to the blog.  I thought I would beef up the “before the blog” section and add in a bit here for the few people following us.

In the house tour pictures you can see that the house used to have a wall to the right of the front door that separated what was the living room and dining room.  One of the first things that we decided to do after buying the house (well before buying the house actually) was to rip it down and make it all an open space.  Kristen and I really felt that it would help relieve some of the confined spaces that made it seem so small and turn three little rooms into one large welcoming room.   Here is a picture of what it looked like on our first walk through taken by the realtor showing us the property.

Here is a picture of the dining room showing what was on the other side of the first room.  It’s also worth noting how terrible the floors look in the above picture.

So like I said, we were hoping it would turn it into a much larger and open floor concept between the dining/living room and into the kitchen.  What we had to do first was rip all of the sheetrock off and figure out the mess of electrical that was hiding underneath all of it.

My terrific father helping out.

To get to this point we had to take into consideration a number of things.  As I mentioned we had to sort out all of the electrical lines that had fed into that wall for outlets and light switches and move them over.  Another factor was that part of the original wall was load bearing and this meant we had to put in a header above to support all of the weight (shown in the picture below).  It actually gives the house a little extra character in my opinion.  We also had the situation with the heat vent that was now coming up in the center of the floor.  Eventually that got moved to the other end of the room to under the window in the picture above.  You can see that taking out the wall revealed that the hardwood floors between the two rooms are from different installations and didn’t meet up evenly.  I plan on doing another post dedicated to having the hardwoods refinished before moving in as that was one of the most noticeable changes in the house.

So here is our pretty much finished product.

It was a ton of extra work and my family didn’t really agree with the idea at first but everyone has since agreed that it was the right choice.  We couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out.


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